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Do you like a little scare on Halloween? Us too! Stories about ghosts, vampires, and witches can be lots of fun. But what’s not so fun is the idea of losing your reputation and credibility because of errors in your texts. Protect yourself against this risk by doing business with a revision company to ensure the quality of your writing. Here are 5 types of errors that professional revision can help you avoid:

1. Spelling, grammar, and syntax mistakes

When we think about a revision or text correction service, the first thing we think about is the obvious mistakes. You already know that a text riddled with typos and grammatical errors doesn’t look professional. But why rely on a revision company to correct your texts when you could just run the spell check program on your software? Because, unlike software, a human reviser is able to understand the overall meaning of the text and detect the sometimes-subtler mistakes. The professionals at the revision company will also be able to use their excellent knowledge of syntax to correct faulty sentence structures.

2. Vocabulary and usage mistakes

The revisers who look after your texts can take various steps to ensure that they always use the right word. They can also identify and correct inconsistencies in the terminology used in your texts. In addition, they can suggest better word combinations (or “co-occurrents”) to use. That way, you’ll have writing that’s flawless in every respect, which will help you enhance your professional image.

3. Punctuation and typographical errors

Uppercase, lowercase, period, comma… These are just small details that people don’t notice, right? Wrong! In fact, even a small punctuation error can change the meaning of a sentence and impair reader comprehension. There are also precise typographical rules to follow in every language for writing out dates, names of organizations, names of places, etc. So that’s another reason to rely on the professionals at a revision company who know these rules like the back of their hands, because every detail matters!

4. Logic and clarity issues

You want to protect your credibility. That goes without saying. Put the odds in your favour by doing business with a reputable revision company. The company can have your texts revised by professionals who can alert you to the logical problems in your writing, such as inconsistencies and contradictions. The revision company can also help you improve the effectiveness of your communications by correcting clarity issues, so your readers can understand you the first time!

5. Factual errors

If you want, the revision company can also perform fact checks for you. For example, they can verify dates, facts, or the references in a bibliography. As you can see, professional revision isn’t just limited to correcting spelling mistakes. Don’t hesitate to discuss your specific needs with the revision company of your choice!

Does the idea of publishing texts filled with errors scare you? Have no fear: SLRR Translation Agency’s revision service is there to help you! Happy Halloween!

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