At SLRR Translation Agency, we know that your credibility is the cornerstone of your success. In a world where sales and communications are primarily done through writing, your credibility is based on the textual quality of the content you post. With our linguistic expertise, we put your professionalism at the forefront.

Our tools

Our team of professional revisers has a perfect mastery of all the different language tools, from dictionaries to general and technical terminology databases. In addition to correcting the language, we make sure that the terms used correspond to your line of business and that there’s no ambiguity for your target audience.

Our method

When it comes to our revision services, we prioritize a clear and accessible method when making corrections to your documents. Thanks to the change tracking feature in Word or PDF, you can easily identify and approve the corrections we’ve made. You also have quick access to the comments made in the margins by our professional revisers.

Our approach

Clarifying ambiguities
Verifying the vocabulary
Correcting the language
Standardizing the typography


We maintain strong, friendly

relationships with all our clients.