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Human resources

The translation of human resources documents

At SLRR Translation Firm, we know that the translation of human resources documents is of the utmost importance in today’s extremely competitive markets. We also know that good management relies on excellent communication with your employees and partners. We support you in your various business projects as language experts.

A translation company that enthusiastically supports your various HR components

The translation of human resources documents encompasses a wide variety of sectors and media. On one hand, SLRR Translation Firm supports you in welcoming, training, and developing your employees. From the employee handbook to theoretical and practical training, as well as various professional development tools, our team ensures that your communications are consistent. On the other hand, since hiring is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for a position requiring advanced skills, our translation company provides you with a team of experienced translators to expand your hiring processes and ensure that you have a larger pool of candidates. Whether it’s for the translation of job offers, content showcasing your employer brand, or advertisements on social media, our team takes the communication platform into account and aligns itself with your goals.

The translation of human resources documents: expertise and confidentiality

A versatile partner of over one hundred organizations operating in the human resources sector, our translation company acknowledges the highly confidential nature of their processes, especially when it comes to the management of human capital. We therefore implement various security control processes to protect our clients. And because clear, constructive, and consistent communication is crucial in maintaining healthy relationships, SLRR Translation Firm always assigns the translation of HR documents to its team specializing in this field. From performance evaluations to dispute situations, as well as various internal communications, our translators show exemplary rigour in completing the projects assigned to them. In addition, since translation is a professional act that requires strict quality control, our language experts always perform a linguistic revision before the final delivery of the content.