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Health and safety

The translation of health and safety documents

The translation of health and safety documents represents an important need within all organizations. SLRR Translation Firm provides you with a team of professional translators who have mastered the terminology specific to your sector and ensure that your documents align with your communication goals.

The recognized expertise of a health and safety translation company

At SLRR Translation Firm, health and safety is a major sector. We support a wide variety of Canadian and foreign organizations in the translation of their various content, in a multitude of media. From prevention programs to employee assistance programs (EAPs), as well as job safety analyses, training manuals, material safety data sheets, inspection reports, internal policies, and various procedures, our experts ensure the optimal quality of your communications. Since health and safety projects are often large and sometimes complex, we have established a division of translators assigned to this sector. We stand out through our ability to manage large projects and our highly personalized client approach.

Effective management for the translation of health and safety documents

In health and safety, the translation needs are often multiple, and the deadlines are often tight. With our highly efficient project management service, we are able to keep pace with your activities, respecting your deadlines at all times. See our translation company as the extension of your team to successfully complete your projects in total peace of mind. In addition, thanks to our rigorous quality control, our team delivers content that puts your professionalism in the foreground. At SLRR Translation Firm, you are at the heart of the projects that you entrust to us. Your needs. Your requirements. Your deadlines.