professional translations

SLRR Translation Agency provides translation services to a wide range of companies and organizations in Canada and abroad. Our team has solid expertise and in-depth linguistic knowledge in many different areas. By opting for a human approach centred on our clients, we promote positive relationships and optimal results.

Web translation

These days, the Web is a powerful tool for your brand. Our translators have in-depth knowledge of the challenges related to communication and content marketing. Our mission: help you stand out from the competition with translations tailored to your target audience and your business objectives. Learn more about our web translation services.

Commercial and marketing translation

In an era of increasing globalization, commercial and marketing translation is at the heart of many organizations. Our team of seasoned translators understands your organizational challenges, improves the effectiveness of your communication, and increases the awareness of your brand. Learn more about our commercial and marketing translation services.

Technical translation

Boasting excellent knowledge of terminology tools, the specialists at SLRR Translation Agency use the terms recognized in your scientific community. From the mechanical field to the oil industry, including a wide range of other technical sectors, we rigorously respect your glossary and expand it if necessary. Learn more about our technical translation services.

Certified translation

Many authorities in Québec and abroad demand that the official documents presented to them be translated and certified. SLRR Translation Agency provides you with translators who can translate a wide variety of documents while respecting your deadlines and maintaining strict confidentiality. Learn more about our certified translation services.


We maintain strong, friendly

relationships with all our clients.