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In the era of the proliferation of markets and communication channels, translation is at the heart of the challenges facing businesses. SLRR perfectly understands your organizational reality. Our team of experienced translators delivers impeccable documents and ensures your brand’s reach.


Boasting excellent knowledge of official terminology resources and possessing extensive experience, our specialists use terms recognized in your scientific sector. Our areas of expertise include engineering, finance, law, and the environment, among others.


Many Quebec and foreign authorities require that the official documents presented to them be translated and certified. We put certified translators who can translate a wide range of documents in numerous language combinations and in strict confidentiality at your service.

Complete translation expertise at your service

We provide you with a team of experienced translators, all university graduates who have developed solid skills in their fields. Our expertise, which totals 16 major sectors, allows us to act as language experts for a varied range of businesses in Quebec, Canada, and abroad. Do you have a complex project to assign that requires multiple contributors? We will develop a custom solution for your project.

“Thank you all for your excellent translation work! I recommend you! A very professional team.”

François-Xavier D.
Doyon Avocats