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The translation of engineering documents

The translation of engineering documents is a major division at SLRR Translation Firm. Our team of technical translators carries out multi-sector projects, from the environment to electricity, including energy, mechanics, IT, and several other engineering sectors. Translators specializing in diverse areas of expertise and a rigorous process: that’s our quality assurance.

A well-known technical translation service in the engineering field

SLRR Translation Firm acts as the extension of your business to transmit your technical content clearly and accurately in another language, in the image of your professionalism. Our team is familiar with the challenges connected to the translation of engineering documents. Boasting an in-depth knowledge of the official terminology resources, we place the utmost importance on the terminology used within your scientific community. In order to deliver superior-quality content to our clients, we have implemented a linguistic verification process of the final content. Our translation firm is proud to offer cutting-edge, professional technical translation service tailored to small, medium, and large businesses in Canada and around the world.

The translation of engineering documents: multi-sector know-how

The translation of engineering documents is a multi-sector field broken down into a variety of media. Whether it’s for the translation of documents in the field of the environment, electricity, energy, mechanics, IT, or any other engineering field, SLRR Translation Firm acts as an expert to successfully complete your business projects. Since the medium influences the terminological and structural choices, our team has developed an in-depth knowledge of a variety of media, such as material safety data sheets, installation and training manuals, specialized websites, evaluation reports, policies, procedures, and tenders. Our philosophy: to offer comprehensive technical translation service under one roof to make our clients’ lives easier.