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The translation of legal documents

The translation of legal documents combines a multitude of regulations, laws, and concepts, and it requires advanced technical and language skills. Our team of seasoned jurilinguists has mastered all the dimensions of the legal sector, and you can count on a team of experienced revisers to ensure the superior quality of your documents.

A legal translation firm that combines know-how and know-how-to-be

We recognize that the legal field evolves quickly and that the associated challenges are fundamental. Our team of translators works with official legal and terminology resources to ensure that their knowledge is updated and that your documents conform to the recognized terminology in your scientific community. Whether you have annual or financial reports, balance sheets, judgments, expert reports, contracts, or promotional documents to translate, our team of translators is committed to delivering translations that meet the highest requirements of the legal sector. And by highest requirements, we also mean strict confidentiality. In addition, since your credibility depends on the writing that you share, our revisers perform quality control on all the content to ensure that it conforms to the linguistic code.

The translation of legal documents: multi-sector expertise

Law firms, marketing firms, financial institutions, various companies, and ministries entrust their documents to our team of translators specializing in the translation of legal documents. Thanks to a complete team of translators and an extensive network of collaborators, we have the human resources required to manage your large projects according to your deadlines. Since legal translation is divided into various fields of specializations, we assign your project to a translator who has mastered your sector. In addition to our secure translation processes, we implement non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements to maximize the protection of our clients.