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The translation of documents in the construction field

The construction industry encompasses a wide variety of fields, services, and suppliers. SLRR Translation Firm acts as a language expert for general and specialized contractors both locally and internationally, and for the residential and commercial sectors. The pillars of our company: experienced human resources and solid skills.

Your construction business projects, our specialized translation company

The translation of documents in the construction field requires solid terminology skills. For each project, we take the time to evaluate your content and assign it to our construction specialists. From documents intended for manufacturers, clients, and suppliers of various technical materials to expert reports and instructions for the use of equipment and technical installations, our team completes your project according to the highest industry standards. Thanks to our specialized human resources and our mastery of the different terminology tools, we are able to act as language specialists in the realization of your various projects.

Health and safety: a central sector at SLRR Translation Firm

The construction industry is closely linked to health and safety, a major division within our translation firm. We support a wide variety of organizations in the translation of their documents in the construction field. Whether you have inspection reports, prevention programs, job safety analyses, or internal policies to translate, our experts are there for you to ensure the superior quality of your communications. And since health and safety projects are often large, we have established a division of translators assigned to this sector. Our flexibility and our ability to handle large volumes allow us to stand out as a specialized translation company in the construction field.