A People-Powered


SLRR Translation Agency is a family of professional linguists that is committed to providing high-quality language solutions and outstanding customer service. We promote respect, innovation, expertise, and commitment, which are the foundations of the quality of the employee experience and the collaborator experience with us.

The Employee Experience

Would you like to work at SLRR Translation Agency as a professional linguist? Send us your application at We are sometimes looking for general/technical translators/revisers who are fuelled by excellence.

The Collaborator Experience

SLRR Translation Agency is constantly looking for experienced general/technical translators, revisers, and copywriters to join our team of collaborators. Send us your application at and specify your areas of expertise.

A Socially Committed Agency

At SLRR Translation Agency, we believe that companies stand out not only through their expertise and customer service but also through their social commitment. Over the years, we have been pursuing a philanthropic mission that occupies a very important place. It is with pride that we have decided to become an Entreprise Enfant Soleil. This is a way for us to support a cause that we hold dear and to associate ourselves with an extremely mobilizing brand image in Quebec.