The holiday season is upon us, andyou know what that means. It’s time to write out your holiday greetings to your employees, customers, and partners! To help you with this task, here are 10 tips to follow for writing your holiday greetings.


Personalize your greetings

To make your greetings memorable, personalize your messages by adapting them to each recipient (or each group of recipients) and, if possible, include personal details. At the very least, add the recipient’s name at the start of your message.


Be authentic

Make your greetings sincere, without too many flourishes. If you add too much to them, your holiday greetings won’t seem to come from the heart. Be yourself, no matter which writing style you choose.


Stay neutral

Writing holiday greetings for the people around you in a strictly professional context requires a certain neutrality. Avoid putting your foot in your mouth by alluding to a specific religious holiday. Settle for wishing Happy Holidays (or Season’s Greetings) and a Happy New Year.


Show originality

We sometimes tend to recycle the same greetings from year to year. Take a little time to think of something original to write instead of using ready-made formulas. If necessary, you can draw inspiration from existing texts and add your own personal touch to them.


Work on the presentation of your holiday greetings

Take the time to choose the right format to use for your holiday greetings. Should you opt for a greeting card (paper or electronic), a letter, or an email? If you opt for an email, consider decorating your message by adding holiday-themed colours or images to it.


Keep it short

People are often bombarded with holiday greetings at this time of year. There’s no need to write a novel! Whether you’ve chosen a greeting card, a letter, or an email, stick to the basics, so that your readers will want to read it.


Show your gratitude

If your holiday greetings are intended for your employees, thank them for their work over the past year. If they’re for your customers, thank them for doing business with you. The holiday season is also a perfect time to say “thank you” to the people who matter to us.


Sign your holiday greetings

Always sign your holiday greetings. Add a handwritten signature if you’ve chosen a paper format or a digital signature for your electronic messages. If you’re sending greetings on behalf of your entire team, ask everyone to sign them.


Respond quickly

If you receive holiday greetings from someone, try to respond to them as quickly as possible, and send them your own greetings. If you don’t respond until January, thank the person for their greetings and wish them a Happy New Year.


Rely on professionals

If you’re lacking time or inspiration, rely on the professional copywriting services of SLRR Translation Agency. That way, you’ll have impeccable texts, which will help you protect your brand image! Or if you’ve chosen to take care of writing your holiday greetings yourself, you can use a text correction serviceto make sure everything is perfect!

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