Translators specializing in the environment

The environmental sector has been changing rapidly since the 1980s. This interest in the environment isn’t just a passing trend; environmental issues are here for good. As one of the signatories of the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, Canada must take the necessary steps to limit the increase in the global temperature to well below 2°C. To meet these ambitious goals, it is the duty of any company, organization, or ministry to take part in the fight against climate change. What does this mean working at an environmental translation firm? In this article, we will discuss the main challenges of environmental translation and the documents that can be translated by translators specializing in the environment.

The environment: a diverse area of specialization

The environmental sector is particularly diverse. Translators specializing in the environment must be versatile, because they sometimes need to translate technical documents, more general documents, legal texts, etc. Here are a few subfields of the environmental sector: natural resources, sustainable development, waste management, climate change, environmental disasters, water treatment, fisheries management, endangered species, etc. Each subfield has its own unique terminology. Translators specializing in the environment must be able to juggle these various subjects. To do this, they show great intellectual rigour. The different translators within the same team from an environmental translation firm can help each other with particularly difficult texts.

Environmental translation firm: constantly evolving terminology

Environmental sciences are still young and in constant evolution. For example, the term “environment,” in the sense that it is used today, only appeared in the 1960s and ’70s. The term “sustainable development” then made its appearance in 1987, defined in the Brundtland Report. These days, it is quite difficult to separate the environment from sustainable development. This is proof that the field and its terminology are evolving at full speed. Translators specializing in the environment are always on the lookout for new terminology. This means that they are constantly looking for the latest developments in their field. They stay informed by reading scientific journals, consulting glossaries, or participating in conferences or events. Several dictionaries have been developed in recent years to catalogue the terminology in this field, such as the Dictionary of Sustainable Development or the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. It’s not uncommon to have to use neologisms to express a new reality, so translators specializing in the environment need to know how to handle the languages perfectly.

Main documents translated at an environmental translation firm

At an environmental translation firm, it’s not uncommon to see these types of documents to be translated:
– Green transformation programs
– Environmental studies and policies
– Information capsules
– Climate change reduction documents
– Environmental assessments
– Environmental management manuals
– Guidelines, laws, regulations
– Environmental management standards (ISO 14000 series)
– Conference presentations
– Press releases
– Annual reports
– Trade journals

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